Vintage Easter Bunny Cake

One of my favorite memories of Easter as a child was my mom’s Bunny Cake.  That was back in the mid-1970′s and now this bunny cake has fallen out of popularity.  I just purchased a vintage cake cookbook from Anthropologie and was surprised not to find this one.  Maybe this post can inspire others to re-introduce this cake to their children.  Not only is the shape memorable, but it is also fun for kids to pick out the candy and help decorate!

Vintage Easter Bunny Cake by The Sweet Spot Blog

I am the worst at decorating cakes.  I am too impatient and disappointed when the frosting doesn’t look perfect.  You would be amazed at how easy it is to ‘hide’ imperfect frosting techniques with flaked coconut and jelly beans!  Since you are (probably) making this cake for kids, save yourself time and just use a boxed cake mix and canned frosting.  You can whip it up in no time!

Bunny Cake Instructions

1 box white cake mix
1 can white frosting
1 bag sweetened coconut flakes
Multi-colored jelly beans
Shoestring licorice
Candy for eyes and nose (I used 2 mini-chocolate eggs and a Starburst)

- Bake (2) 9″ round cakes according to the box directions.
- Once fully cooled, cut 1 of the cake rounds according to the diagram below.  You can either cut it free-form or use a medium bowl as a template.
- Carefully arrange the cake pieces on a sheet of corrugated cardboard covered with aluminum foil or on a baking sheet.
- Frost tops and sides with an even layer of frosting.  You may find that you will need to start with a light crumb layer on the ‘cut’ portions of the cake, then re-frost for a smooth coverage.
- Sprinkle coconut flakes on bunny face and ears.  Lightly press down to adhere.
- Decorate with candy.

Vintage Easter Bunny Cake Diagram by The Sweet Spot Blog It’s bunnylicious!

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