Hound Dog Elvis Impersonators

The Brownies just love to get dressed up for Halloween.  Each year, they cannot wait to unveil their costumes.  Last year they showed off all of their costumes with a Halloween costume fashion show.  This year…drum roll please…they are dressed as Elvis impersonators!

Hound Dog Elvis Impersonators -- Halloween Costumes by The Sweet Spot Blog

Each Brownie is wearing a different accent color and bedazzle design, but otherwise it  is difficult to tell them apart from the real Elvis (wherever he may be).

Hound Dog Elvis Impersonators -- Halloween Costumes by The Sweet Spot Blog

They began working on their costumes nearly a month ago when they ordered their white jumpsuits from Waggle Wear on Etsy.  Cathy at Waggle Wear was kind enough to customize the suits for their extra long frames.

Dachshund Elvis Impersonators by The Sweet Spot Blog

They tried to glue on the rhinestones themselves, but without thumbs, it was a mess.  So Gino and I gave them a hand.

Hound Dog Elvis Impersonators by The Sweet Spot Blog

I am especially fond of their wigs with built-in sideburns!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year….

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