Cherry Limeade Cocktail

This Cherry Limeade Cocktail tastes exactly like the cherry limeades at Sonic…but better!  As summer is coming, I love to sit outside and enjoy a crisp, refreshing drink.  Maybe this weekend I will make up a batch to enjoy with my friends by the pool!

Cherry Limeade Cocktail by The Sweet Spot Blog

Cherry Limeade Cocktail Recipe

1.25 oz Three Olives Cherry Vodka
.75 oz fresh lime juice
lime wedge
maraschino cherries

Fill a 10 oz glass with ice.  Add cherry vodka and lime juice.  Fill glass to top with Sprite.  Top with a dash of maraschino cherry juice.  Garnish with a lime wedge and maraschino cherries.

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Happy Earth Day from The Sweet Spot Blog

Happy Earth Day!

In case you did not know, today is Earth Day!  This past year I decided to reduce my carbon footprint and downsize to a small loft apartment.  The experiment has been a success so far, but I always take a moment to evaluate what else I can do each year when earth day rolls around. […]

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Patio Makeover with LED Power--Before by The Sweet Spot Blog

DIY Pendant with LED Power

I decided to complete a mini-makeover of my patio this past weekend.  The patio looked fine, but needed more light and color.  I searched for a pendant light, but could not find anything that worked for my patio, so I decided to make one.  It is a Moroccan-inspired light, which I painted turquoise.  I simply […]

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40th Birthdays by The Sweet Spot Blog

40th Birthdays

I have taken part in three 40th birthdays this past year.  First, there was my sister’s 40th birthday celebration in Kauai.  Then my friend Demitri’s 40th birthday cruise in Marina del Rey.  The latest was my friend Christina’s destination birthday in Las Vegas. I noticed three common themes in these 40th birthdays: (1) the birthday […]

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Hand-Stitched Tea Towels by The Sweet Spot Blog

Hand-Stitched Tea Towels

I received a surprise package in the mail the other day from my friend Buffy.  The package included three beautiful hand-stitched tea towels. Buffy and I met at the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!) a ~few years ago and have kept in touch over the years.  She is a very thoughtful and giving person, so […]

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Medicine Cabinet Organization by The Sweet Spot Blog

Medicine Cabinet Organization Trick

I like everything to have its ‘place’ in my medicine cabinet.  I want to see all of my beauty products, without moving something out of the way.  I also want to be able to easily grab each item without knocking others off the shelf. My medicine cabinet nemeses were all of those small personal care […]

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Vintage Easter Bunny Cake by The Sweet Spot Blog

Vintage Easter Bunny Cake

One of my favorite memories of Easter as a child was my mom’s Bunny Cake.  That was back in the mid-1970′s and now this bunny cake has fallen out of popularity.  I just purchased a vintage cake cookbook from Anthropologie and was surprised not to find this one.  Maybe this post can inspire others to […]

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How to Sell Your House Fast!: Open House by The Sweet Spot Blog

How to Sell Your House Fast!: Open House

So glad that you have returned to our series ‘How to Sell Your House Fast!’  Today we are going to share a few hints that will make your open house extra special.  We are looking for input from all those that have had successful open houses…so please leave a comment if you have another idea […]

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Easiest Easter Ham Ever

Easiest Easter Ham Recipe

Have you just now realized that this Sunday is Easter?  I was at the grocery store yesterday and saw the huge refrigerator display of hams.  It was then that I started to panic.  Thank goodness I was introduced to the easiest Easter ham recipe earlier this year.  This one comes from my sister’s work colleague […]

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April Showers Giveaway on The Sweet Spot Blog

April Showers Giveaway

Welcome to the $500 April Showers Cash Giveaway! We have joined forces with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this great giveaway.  One lucky person will win $500 cash! Enter to win $500 cash via PayPal.  Complete the tasks below to earn entries into this giveaway.  Refer your friends using your unique link […]

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