Top 10 Newborn Essentials

Today I am sharing my ’top 10 newborn essentials’ list with you. I found real mommy recommendations like these to be very helpful when I was planning for Baby E’s arrival.  For the first few months of Baby E’s life, we found these top 10 newborn essentials to be must-have’s:

Top 10 Newborn Essentials by The Sweet Spot Blog

  1. Carter’s Sleeper Gowns:  These nightgowns are great! Once Baby E started sleeping for longer stretches at night we started dressing her in these for bedtime.  They made middle of the night diaper changes super quick which is very important at 3 am.
  2. Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal System:  We purchased The First Years Clean Air Odor Free Diaper Disposal System (with a name like that who wouldn’t??) and were very disappointed.   Then we found the Diaper Dekor and have loved it.  It is easy to operate with one hand  (or foot!) and does a good job keeping smells at bay.  It is also very easy to change the bags.
  3. Summer Baby Touch Color Video Monitor:  True story – I knocked the video monitor into the toilet one day after a shower (full plunge and yes a clean bowl) and it survived!  That was almost a year ago.  We take this with us when we travel because it is so easy to set up, and the signal is great making it easy to move the wireless monitor from room to room.  What did they do before video monitors??  I can’t function without it. I’m like a little spy….
  4. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub:  This was a perfect fit for our kitchen sink and tiny Baby E.  She hated her sponge baths the first few weeks of life while her umbilical cord was still attached.  We were very relieved when we moved her to a this cute, little tub and she decided bath time was pleasant and fun.  This tub is a great price and very comfy for baby.
  5. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper:  One word – REFLUX!  This cradle saved us.  Baby E slept like a log the first 3 weeks, and then reflux hit.  Suddenly she was super fussy, spitting up like crazy and would not sleep anywhere but cradled in someone’s arms with her upper body slightly elevated.  Poor Baby E!  This cradle keeps babies in the elevated position and was the first thing she would actually sleep in during the early reflux days.  It is also great for a congested baby.  It is small, light and easy to move from room to room, or fold up and throw in the trunk when heading to grandma’s house.  If your baby has reflux, it is a life-saver!
  6. HoMedics Soundspa Lullaby:  So I referenced Baby E’s sleep issues above.  I should also mention that we live in a small, 1920’s style bungalow with a pier and beam foundation and have an energetic bird dog (Jessie).  This means our house is LOUD!  So a white noise machine was essential for us.  The sounds seemed to calm and sooth Baby E as well.  This is another item we take with us when we travel.  Very easy transport.
  7. Boppy Feeding & Support Pillow & Slipcover:  We looked at a few nursing pillows and ended up with the old school Boppy.  My husband even liked  using it to cradle Baby E through those sleepless, reflux nights. And it is a great pillow for baby while learning to sit upright, etc.  I love products that have more than one purpose.  We still use this with Baby E at 14 months old. And I love the cozy slipcovers from Pottery Barn Kids.
  8. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle:  Baby E loved being snuggled as a newborn, so we figured she would like being in a sling or carrier. We purchased both the Baby K’Tan and the basic BabyBjorn, but they killed our backs. We finally went to Buy Buy Baby and tried on several display models with Baby E in them to see what would work best and purchased the BabyBjorn Miracle carrier.  It has great lower back support and is very comfortable for mom, dad and baby.
  9. Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets:  Baby E always slept better when swaddled tightly like a little burrito, and we mastered the art of swaddling quickly.  I was concerned about her getting too warm when bundled up (SIDS risk) with our winter heater warming our home. These soft, muslin blankets were the perfect weight for Texas weather and a great size for swaddling.
  10. Gerber Side-Snap Shirts:  Baby E lived in a diaper and one of these little t-shirts, swaddled tightly like a burrito her first few months of life.  These sweet t’s are easy to put on, even for daddy (no pulling things over her head).  We called them her little ‘chef shirts’!

Don’t forget to check out our post on Top 10 Baby Feeding Essentials!

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