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Who are we?

The Sweet Spot Blog is a lifestyle blog for women in their 40’s who feel like they have finally hit ‘The Sweet Spot!’ Women who no longer live paycheck to paycheck. Women who use a break-even analysis when deciding between doing a project themselves or paying a professional. Most of all, women who just want to be happy.

The Sweet Spot Blog covers topics which make women’s lives easier, prettier, and simpler. The blog shares tips for Organization, Green Living, Decor, Food & Drink, Motherhood (children, dogs, cats, and husbands), as well as, Simple Technology Solutions.

It is a blog for women who celebrate living life well. A community of 40-something women where the good things in life–including family, friendship, food, and design–are appreciated.

Introducing the Brownies

Corinna is the proud owner of 3 crazy dachshunds: Milo, Spot, and BabyCakes. All three were rescues and required a bit of extra training and lots of love. They make an appearance on the blog from time to time…and generally in costume!

Spot Introduction by The Sweet Spot BlogBabyCakes Introduction by The Sweet Spot BlogMilo Introduction by The Sweet Spot Blog


What do we post about?

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and George promoted their TV show ‘about nothing?’ Well, that is what this blog is about…nothing. It is just us living our everyday lives. Some days it is pretty, but other days it is not. We no longer live paycheck to paycheck; we use a break-even analysis when deciding between doing a project ourselves or paying a professional. Most of all, we just want to be happy.

We post about our everyday lives and the things we know the most about. Our key topics are: Home Decor, Food & Drink, Living, Motherhood, and Organization.

Our Favorite Posts

We have several posts that really inspired us as bloggers. If you have the chance, we would recommend that you check them out!

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How Often do we Post?

We post once per day, Monday through Friday. If for some reason, we miss a day, do not panic! Periodically life gets in the way and we miss a post. We would suggest that you sign up for our posts via email or via Bloglovin’ to make sure you do not miss anything. You can find additional, behind-the-scenes material over at our Instagram account.

Our Most ‘Pinned’ Posts

We are obsessed with Pinterest. We can spend entire evenings looking and clicking on all of the cool ideas. We have been very lucky to have had a few pins go ‘viral.’  These are our most popular pins:

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