Allen Key Organization

How many allen keys (aka allen wrench) do you own?  I counted mine when unpacking and it turns out that I have 17.  It seems that nearly every piece of furniture I own has it own allen key…whether it was purchased at Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, or Ikea.

When packing, I meticulously wrapped each item’s hardware, including its allen key, in a zip lock bag.  I then labeled the bag and attached it to the disassembled item with painter’s tape.

Allen Key Organization by The Sweet Spot Blog

Once I reassembled each furniture piece, I discarded the bags and simply attached painter’s tape to each allen key.  Then labeled them with a sharpie.  Now all 17 keys are bundled, with a twist tie, in my tool box.  Next time I need one…I will know exactly where to find it!


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