Cookie Decorating with Kids

We had a little cookie decorating party last night.  My BFF’s and I decorated Valentine’s Day cookies that they could take to school and share with their classmates.

Cookie Decorating: Valentines Day by The Sweet Spot Blog

After the ‘incident’ with the Christmas cookie decorating mess, we learned to use baking sheets to corral all of the decorations.  The baking sheets are especially helpful when a 2.5-year-old tries to sprinkle colored sugar on her cookie….

Cookie Decorating with Kids by The Sweet Spot Blog After completing the decorating, we placed each cookie in a clear bag and tied it with a strand of raffia ribbon.  Once the girls finish addressing their Valentine’s Day cards, they will punch a hole in the top corners and tie one to each cookie bag.

Cookie Decorating with Kids by The Sweet Spot Blog We finished decorating all of the cookies quite quickly, once we organized the assembly line.  At the end of the line, we placed our number one taste tester, who proclaimed the cookies delicious!


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