White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies: Holiday Baker

I am a holiday baker.  I never get the baking bug except at Christmas time.  There are many reasons for this seasonal bug.  First, I am a devoted Food Network fan and ’tis the season!  My DVR is filled with holiday baking shows right now.  Secondly, I am always looking for yummy baked gift ideas.  And last but not least – I do cut myself a bit of slack during the month of December.  A girl has to cut loose every once and a while!

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies: Holiday Baker by The Sweet Spot Blog

This recipe for ‘White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies’ turned out great.  A little sweetness from the white chocolate, a little tartness from the dried cranberries and a little crunch from the macadamia nuts.  It is just the type of cookie I love so I decided to bake them for my neighbors.  What are your holiday specialties?

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