How to Sell Your House Fast!: Showings

Welcome back to our 7th installment of our How to Sell Your House Fast! series.  Last week we selected a realtor and now they have listed your house for sale.  In addition your realtor has probably scheduled a realtor caravan and open house.  This means that potential buyers and realtors will soon be touring your well-prepared house!

How to Sell Your House Fast!: Showings by The Sweet Spot Blog

All of the hard work you put into preparing your house should now pay off.  Unfortunately, however, with home tours also comes the possibility of theft.  Your realtor will be on the look out for thieves, but they cannot catch everything.  With that in mind, here are a few additional things you will want to do before each showing and open house.

1. Prescription Medicine:  Professional thieves will tour open houses, use the restroom, and steal your prescription pills.  They tend to be looking for pain pills and sleeping pills.  Pack up prescription bottles and take them with you when you leave the house for the showing.

2. Small Electronics: Also pack up mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and MP3 players.  These items can easily be slipped into a handbag or pocket.

3. Jewelry: This is not the time to leave your wedding ring by the sink!  Costume jewelry can stay, but take the expensive stuff with you or put it in a safe.

4. Small Heirlooms: If it is small enough to fit in a handbag, take it with you.  Do not take the chance that you could lose a special keepsake.

5. Credit Cards, Checkbooks, and Checks: Do not leave these items in a desk drawer.  Either keep them in a locked drawer or take them all with you.

6. Financial Documents: Do not leave anything out with your financial details such as credit card statements, social security number, driver’s license, etc.  It is so easy to have your identity stolen with just a few of these details.  If possible keep all documents in a locked filing cabinet.

7. Pets: Either take pets with you or lock them in a crate.  You do not want someone to accidentally let your pet out the front door!

Hopefully you will not have too many showings before you house sells for top dollar, but just in case you might want to purchase a plastic bin to round these items up.  You can then simply place the bin in the trunk of your car during showings.  I keep a checklist of all the items to take inside the bin to ensure that I do not forget anything.

Next week we will discuss suggestions to make your open house special.  In case you missed any of this series How to Sell Your House Fast! you can find the full series here.

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