Introducing Milo

My first dog, Brandy, was a dachshund.  Since then I have had many more…even five at once!  A few years ago I adopted a shy little, hairy male named Milo.  He had a tough time before coming to me.  He was forcibly removed from his home by Animal Control, spent some time at the SPCA doggie jail, then was adopted by a rescue group.  Unfortunately his life did not improve much with the rescue team.  While they did their best, he spent over 23 hours each day hiding in his crate with no interaction with either dogs or humans.

Milo Posing on the Couch:

Introducing Milo by The Sweet Spot Blog

When he came to me, he was extremely fearful of all people (especially men) but thankfully he really hit it off with Spot.  Spot brought him under his wing and showed him the ropes.  Soon Milo was able to partake in our daily routine. It took nearly a year before he started to trust me, but the night he snuck over and kissed my arm…my heart broke.  I hope you will learn to love him as I have!


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