Hot Cocktails: Swedish Glogg by The Sweet Spot Blog

Hot Cocktails: Glögg

I am going to invite over a group of friends this Friday night for Swedish Glögg and hot appetizers.  I love how cooking Glögg makes my whole house smell like Christmas!  Glögg (aka Mulled Wine) is a beverage made with red wine, (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) which is cooked with various spices and served either […]

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White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies by The Sweet Spot Blog

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies: Holiday Baker

I am a holiday baker.  I never get the baking bug except at Christmas time.  There are many reasons for this seasonal bug.  First, I am a devoted Food Network fan and ’tis the season!  My DVR is filled with holiday baking shows right now.  Secondly, I am always looking for yummy baked gift ideas.  […]

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Simple Holiday Arrangement by The Sweet Spot Blog

Simple Holiday Arrangement

I am starting to panic a bit…somehow Christmas snuck up on me.  When I downsized to an apartment this past year, I also downsized my stash of holiday decor.  I have had to get creative to come up with last minute, inexpensive Christmas decorations such as this simple holiday arrangement. I dropped by Home Depot […]

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Oatmeal Recipes: Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies by The Sweet Spot Blog

Oatmeal Recipes: Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies

The holiday season always gets me in the mood for baking.  Growing up, my family would spend a week baking and would deliver trays of sweet confections to our friends and neighbors.  I started the annual baking fun this past weekend with one of my favorite oatmeal recipes, pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies!  You are going […]

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Holiday Decorations: Quick & Cheap by The Sweet Spot Blog

Holiday Decorations: Quick & Cheap

Have you just realized that Christmas is almost here?  Are you entertaining family/guests for Christmas but have not yet put out your holiday decorations?  I know the feeling.  I solved this very problem with 3 quick and easy steps. Holiday Decorations: Quick & Cheap 1. Buy large box of cheap ornaments at Costco/Sam’s Club. 2. […]

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Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party by The Sweet Spot Blog

Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party

Everyone who knows me is aware of my pumpkin beer obsession.  I absolutely love it and want to share this passion with all my friends.  For that reason, I invited a group of friends over for a Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party this past weekend! I chose five of my favorite pumpkin beers, varying from light […]

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Christmas Light Solution

Christmas Light Solution

Yesterday I was looking through the Christmas items at Lowe’s and happened upon this great little Christmas light solution which has made turning indoor lights on/off simple.  I had been struggling with moving the credenza, next to my mantel, to plug and unplug the lights (not fun). For only $16 I purchased a Remote Control […]

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Starbucks World AIDS Day on The Sweet Spot Blog

World AIDS Day at Starbucks

It is World AIDS day.  Starbucks has partnered with (PRODUCT)RED on their (STARBUCKS)RED line of products.  In addition, they will donate 10 cents for each handcrafted drink purchased today, December 1st, in the US and Canada.  The donations will go to The Global Fund to help fight the spread of AIDS. Why not meet a […]

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Turkey Dachshund = TurDachshun' by The Sweet Spot Blog

Dachshund Turkey = TurDachshun’

My mom and I had a little fun dressing up my dachshund Spot while we were waiting for the real turkey to cook yesterday….     Somehow my mom and I created a new turkey-animal combo which seemed funny at the time (and still seems a little funny now).  Even Spot, (I mean the TurDachshun’) […]

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Will Work for Turkey by The Sweet Spot Blog

Will Work for Turkey?

We hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  The Brownies are eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family in Arizona.  While I was expecting extra work traveling with the Brownies…I was not expecting them to lodge a Will Work for Turkey protest! What was even more odd…their BFF-Dark-Brownie friend Gus lodged a similar Will Work […]

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