Party Recycling Tips

I am excited to share a few new party recycling tips with you today!  As you know, I am trying to kick-up my recycling efforts this year.  One area of focus has been making it easier to recycle at parties (for both guests and host).

Party Recycling Tips by The Sweet Spot Blog

I found these great new recycling party bags at The Container Store.  The external paper bag stands up on its own, while the built-in, internal plastic bag not only holds in liquids, but also makes it easy to tie up and dispose.  The bags proudly display the recycling symbol which makes it easy for guests to identify.

Party Recycling Tips by The Sweet Spot Blog

At our recent BBQ, I placed one of these recycling bags next to each trash can.  I am happy to report that my guests separated their recycling items from their trash without any prompting.

These recycling bags will definitely be included in all of my future parties!  What are your favorite party recycling tips?


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  1. Skips Now December 16, 2014 at 11:27 pm #

    This is such a nice idea! And it’s even better that guests were kind enough to really do their part in recycling as well.

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