Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party

Everyone who knows me is aware of my pumpkin beer obsession.  I absolutely love it and want to share this passion with all my friends.  For that reason, I invited a group of friends over for a Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party this past weekend!

Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party by The Sweet Spot Blog

I chose five of my favorite pumpkin beers, varying from light wheat to dark porter.  The beer bottles were wrapped in black tissue and numbered 1 to 5.  I used leftover jello shot cups and numbered them as well.  Each guest received a Pumpkin Beer Tasting score card and a pen.

Pumpkin Beer Tasting Scoring by The Sweet Spot Blog

It was fun to see the debates ensue over the best beer and least favorite beer.  Each beer was rated on 5 categories, with the score ranging from 1 (not so good) to 5 (awesome).  The hands-down winner was Dog Fish Head Punkin Ale.

You can download the Pumpkin Beer Tasting Score Sheet here.  I printed it on orange paper to make it more festive.  This was such a simple and fun party that I can’t wait to throw another one!


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