Salt Holder for a Pinch of Salt

I have been searching for the perfect salt holder to grab a pinch of salt while cooking.  As a Food Network addict, I always see my favorite celebrity chefs grabbing a pinch of salt from a small bowl on the kitchen counter.  While this seems like a convenient solution, it sets off my germaphobe alarm.  I would be so nervous that someone would sneeze on it, or bugs land in it, or dust cover it, or something even worse….  So after a bit of searching, I finally found the perfect solution!

Salt Holder Ideas by The Sweet Spot Blog

This is actually a covered butter dish, but works great for grabbing a quick pinch of salt.  When I am not actively using the salt holder, I keep the lid on.  Then when I am cooking, I simply remove the lid and set it to the side.

Salt Holder Ideas by The Sweet Spot Blog

I found this dish at Crate & Barrel for only a few dollars.  What do you think, could this be a new kitchen gadget that you will add to your current collection?


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