St Patrick’s Day Headbands

Thank you for all your ideas for St Patrick’s Day kids crafts!  So many of you responded to my plea last week with great ideas.  In the end, we decided to make headbands that they could wear to school.  My little friends’ mom is happy because she does not need to worry about finding something green for them to wear.  And the girls are happy because they had fun making the headbands!

How to Make St Patrick's Day Headbands by The Sweet Spot Blog

I did not have time to stop by the craft store, so was lucky to find everything we needed in my (not-so-organized) craft drawer.  Since the girls are not using scissors yet, I cut out the orange felt clovers in advance using a cookie cutter as a guide.  I was also too nervous to use a hot glue gun (I would not want to maim someone’s children), so came up with a duct tape work-around.

St Patrick's day Headbands by The Sweet Spot Blog

Craft Supplies:
Headbands (we re-used ones they already owned
Green Ribbon or Green Duct Tape
Orange Felt
Floral Wire

1. I helped the girls wrap the clovers to the plastic headbands with the floral wire.
2. The 2-year old used 3 inch strips of duct tape to wrap around the headband.  The 4-year old used satin ribbon and wrapped the headband.

I think both turned out really nice.  We did not make a mess…and hopefully save their mom a little stress on St Patrick’s Day!


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