Trompe L’oeil Stair Runner DIY Project

Today Courtney is sharing her simple, yet beautiful stair runner diy project with us:

This trompe l’oeil stair runner project has been on my mind for sometime.  As you will see, the stairs in my bedroom require frequent maintenance, since they are painted white.  Thank goodness there are only three steps!  Unfortunately, I have put off this project for too long, so now they are looking pretty grungy.  On the bright side, the final product is even that much more beautiful!

If you’re like me, sometimes you want to start a DIY project without a trip to the store.  This is a project example where I used supplies that I already had available in my toolbox…reuse, recycle, restore.

Trompe L'Oeil Stair Runner DIY Project by The Sweet Spot Blog #diyprojects #diystairs

I am using electrical tape to paint trim…it’s not the best choice (Frog brand painting tape is much better), but I know that I will have to clean up the edges later to suit my type-A personality anyway, and I’m out of masking tape.  I always recycle where possible.  In this case, I have an old paintbrush that I’m reusing and a to-go soup container that is a perfect no-spill paint container.  For the paint, I’m using an interior paint that I previously used to paint a focus wall in the past, so the colors will be complimentary and bring the room together.

Let’s get started:

Trompe L'Oeil Stair Runner DIY Project by The Sweet Spot Blog #diyprojects #diystairs

Pre-Paint Prep:  You may wish to lightly sand your paint surface with fine sandpaper to smooth and bring up any loose paint, then clean the area with a damp towel.  I did not do this – I’m not that patient and it will make a dusty mess.

Step 1: Measure distance 10.5” from wall for taping, mark with pencil and apply tape so that tape is positioned on the side of mark closest to the wall.
Step 2: Paint white, remove tape while the paint is wet.  Allow the paint to dry.
Step 3: Apply tape for interior paint 11” from the wall.  Tape should be on the side of the mark farthest from the wall.
Step 4: Paint solid blue tone inside the tape lines (see step-by-step photo above).  I combined primary blue, black, and white to make this shade.  Remove tape and allow paint to dry.
Step 5: Now apply tape again for the exterior rose trim.  Add tape 10” from the wall (inside mark closest to the wall) and  then 11” from the wall (this time place tape on the other side of the mark farthest from the wall) to allow 1″ trim for the rose shade.  Paint dusty rose color with 1” diameter or similar size brush inside the lines for the trim.
Step 6: Again, remove tape while the paint is wet, and allow to dry.  Tip: Pull the tape up slowly and know that you will likely bring some paint up with the tape.
Step 7: Clean up the edges with the small brush.  You might need to apply two coats in spots where the paint came up with the tape.
Step 8 (optional): Use paint to add texture to the interior blue area.  I combined the primary blue, black, and white in the plastic cup with the larger flat brush.  Note that I did not fully combine the colors to allow streaks of different shades and to show with the brush strokes.  I was careful to just graze the wood with my brush and to avoid the dusty rose section.  This application gives a more, pickled wood and beachy feel.  This allows for future wear from foot traffic to be less noticeable.

Trompe L'Oeil Stair Runner DIY Project by The Sweet Spot Blog #diyprojects #diystairs

Add your own creative flair to your stairs.  A paisley stencil on the vertical interior portion of the stairs would be nice, for example.  You could also paint song lyrics or if you have children, use the stairs as a learning tool and add numbers in a new language or some other info for memorization.

For a simpler DIY project, just use two colors that tie your space together or compliment your existing decor.  As a finishing touch, I repositioned a rug at the foot of the stairs.  Maybe you can make a small adjustment in your space using your existing belongings to give your place an even fresher look?

Have pro tips on how to make this project easier?  Please share them!

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