World AIDS Day at Starbucks

It is World AIDS day.  Starbucks has partnered with (PRODUCT)RED on their (STARBUCKS)RED line of products.  In addition, they will donate 10 cents for each handcrafted drink purchased today, December 1st, in the US and Canada.  The donations will go to The Global Fund to help fight the spread of AIDS.

Starbucks World AIDS Day on The Sweet Spot Blog

Why not meet a friend at Starbucks today for a coffee?  Not that you need an excuse to go to Starbucks…but this is a great one!  As a bonus, Bank of America will donate an additional 10 cents for each handcrafted beverage which is purchased with a registered Starbucks card.  If you have not registered your card, you can do so, in 2 minutes or less, on Starbucks’ website.

You can find more information on World AIDS Day and the fund to fight AIDS at The Global Fund and (STARBUCKS)RED.


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